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26 feet
Purchase Date:
Purchase Location: Santa Cruz, California

This was our first trailer, our pride and joy. We had heard about Airstreams from friends and family for years but never looked into buying one until the summer of 2001. We logged onto the handful of Airstream sites out there and got educated. Once we started to get a feel for the market, and the years/models out there, we responded to an add that sounded very tempting.

Here was the advertisement from Airstream.net:

For Sale: 1955 Overlander 26ft. 13 beautiful panels up front with whale tail out back, straight dent free body with nice original interior. Solid old trailer that tows well, yet can use some floor work. "Park model" with twin beds at rear & toilet/shower at rear street side, full kitchen & more. Hard to find unit in any condition let alone as clean & orig. as this one.

Once we caught up with Michael G Peters, we were please to find he lived near Santa Cruz, close to the town where I grew up. He was kind and informative. We talked about the trailer and what we thought we wanted. After several warm discussions we agreed that this one was the trailer for us!

That week we sent some money to California and Michael put our new trailer in a covered storage lot until we could arrange transportation.

Over the next few months we developed a nice friendship with Michael. He is an enlightened and thoughtful person dealing with a major aluminum fetish ;)

One hot day in September he called us up and gave us the good news. A flat-bed had just pulled away from Santa Cruz with our trailer headed towards Tucson. We were out of town when it arrived at our house, but our neighbors were quick to greet the driver and our new travel partner. When we got home it was September 10th, my birthday. There is no better birthday present in the world than finding an Airstream in your driveway. I guarantee it.

home - 1949 - 1955 - 1957