18 feet
Purchase Date:
Purchase Location: Tucson, Arizona

She was sitting half buried in dirt when we pulled up to her. The road to get there was unpaved and twisted around dozens of spread out mobile homes. The community was small, horses ran freely in the open countryside, and views of the Catalina mountain range were amazing.

We made the call and negotiated the sale not 24hrs. earlier. When we got there, a relative of the seller, Jean, was there to greet us. We took a quick look at the body, checked the floor, eyed the tires and hitch, and decided we wanted to take her home.

We tugged her out from the embankment she was backed against for a closer look. The body was straight all around. We found a few tares in the belly pan and waved to all of the pack rats that were living under the floor. After that, I crawled underneath to secure some makeshift tail-light wires that were hanging loose and my friend hung an "in transit" sign from the rear window. We shook hands with Jean, made the payment, and signed the bill of sale. The deal was done!

We pulled onto the road carefully after several checks to make sure the tires and hitch were in good shape. They were. Within an hour we were home and backing her into our yard. A clean and simple transaction always makes me smile.

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